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Why Leomil chose to develop a Mickey Mouse shoe collection for adults

Leomil has been providing strong licenses in the kids' footwear market for decades. For the S21 season, Leomil is coming with a license for adults for the first time: Mickey Mouse! A character that many wouldn't immediately associate with adults, you would think. However, this collection is a big hit! We spoke with Ishai Milhado, Director of Leomil and Katrien Debroek, collection manager. They talk about why Mickey and Leomil are the perfect match!

Why did Leomil choose to develop this collection and why now?

Ishai: "Mickey has played a significant role in the fashion industry for a long time, but more specifically over the last 2 years or so. Mickey started to appear in co-brandings with luxury brands, and slowly trickled down into the fast-fashion retailers.

However, his presence was mainly within apparel lines or kids’ footwear. No adult Mickey footwear for reasonable prices was available anywhere. We believe that the consumers that buy their shoes at the affordable retailers we supply are often underestimated regarding their sense of fashion. They have the same demand and fashion awareness as other segments in the market. Who doesn’t want the coolest and latest shoe?! That's why we launched a line of fashionable adult Mickey footwear, for very reasonable pricing, available to every type of consumer!"

Where did the design inspiration for this collection come from?

Katrien: "Mickey is much more than a cartoon character. Mickey is an icon! So we had to look for a way to play this out in our collection.
Combined with the latest trends in women's footwear, we came up with a capsule collection in which everyone will find their favorite Mickey shoe. For example, the Mickey figure is very prominent on some models, but we also have models in which we have incorporated Mickey more subtly, for example by working with a pattern."

Is this the first Leomil collection for adults? If so, will there be more to come?

Ishai: "This is the first time that we launch a full collection with character art for adults. We have done plenty of fun items in the past, like slippers, sliders and flip flops, but nothing like this until now. This project is here to stay for the long term and other licenses will join Mickey! "

How is the collection being received so far?

Ishai: "Reactions from the market are overwhelmingly positive, even throughout these challenging Covid-19 times. Most retailers we work with have placed or will place orders. The collection is expected to be seen on shelves across the world in early 2021."

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