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New license collection

paw patrol

Ever since Nickelodeon aired PAW Patrol in 2013, the show has been a big hit among preschoolers. And the same is true for its licenses. That’s why Leomil and Nickelodeon are very proud to introduce their new PAW Patrol S22 collection!

PAW Patrol: the movie

Ryder and our favorite pups are ready to conquer the big screen. Yes, you guessed it right: the long-expected PAW Patrol movie release is finally happening! And this time, they have a clear mission: to save Adventure City from its evil mayor Humdinger before he destroys the bustling metropolis. Get ready for the biggest PAW Patrol mission so far!

PAW Patrol S22 collection

To celebrate the launch of this movie, Leomil specifically created an amazing PAW Patrol collection together with Nickelodeon. Designed according to the latest fashion trends such as sporty street styles and pastel colors. Or in short, fun footwear that kids not only dream about, but crave!

Interested in selling our PAW Patrol collection in your store(s)?


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