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Linking Frozen 2 with eco friendly footwear

Since the development of the collection we have been very excited to have Disney Frozen 2 included in our collection of license shoes. After the success of the first movie, Frozen 2 could certainly not be missed at Leomil.

Frozen 2 shoes, indispensable in every shoe store.

Our pride was not unjustified, Frozen 2 broke all records, the movie became a huge success from the opening weekend in November last year. Young kids are crazy about the adventures of Anna and Elsa and they just can't get enough of it.

The movie remains topical to this day, only last month Disney announced a Sing-Along version of the film, to be seen in selected theaters.
So the Frozen 2 buzz is definitely not over!

The link with the environmental theme

The ecology theme is very present in Frozen 2. The movie tells the story of Anna and Elsa with a hidden environmental message. In the movie, Anna and Elsa don't have to fight a wicked character but are challenged by nature.
In the movie they have to do everything to restore the harmony between man and nature.

The sustainability theme is more topical than ever and has become an integral part of the fashion industry. At Leomil we are also actively committed to this theme, after all, we want a sustainable future for younger generations.

To do our bit, we developed an ecological collection for Winter 2020, with licenses including Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, Spiderman and of course: Frozen 2. The Leomil Eco collection is partially made from recycled materials, is 100% vegan and the packaging is made from FSC certified sources.

The Eco collection is now available!
Delivery from August 1 2020

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