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Blast from the past: our first license is back!


We’re very excited to announce that our very first Leomil license is back. We’re of course talking about the one that started it all in the ‘80s: Peanuts!

From comic strip to fashion brand

Let’s be honest, who doesn't remember the famous Peanuts cartoons? Today, we all recognize the main character Charlie Brown, his girlfriend Lucy and not to forget Snoopy, the coolest beagle on the planet. Since its birth in the 1950s, the iconic comic strip has not stopped conquering everyone’s heart. And yes, even that of the fashion industry.

Peanuts S22 adult collection

It’s no surprise that the girls who loved these fashion figures in the 1980s continue to love them as the fashionable, empowered women they are today. That’s why Leomil specifically created an amazing ADULT Peanuts collection for summer ’22. Designed according to the latest fashion trends such as pastel colors and low-cut canvas, this collection will capture the hearts of fashion-minded women all over the world!

Curious about what the Peanuts collection looks like? Happiness awaits in the video below:

Interested in selling the Peanuts collection in your store(s)?


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